Junior Tooth Brush (20 gram)

The correct toothbrush is going to be your child’s life-long buddy in the fight against plaque, bacteria and food debris—all of which spoil the teeth and gums, and affect digestive health.


Patanjali Junior Toothbrush, with its rubber-grip handle, is specially made to fit children’s tiny and delicate hands for easy control and makes brushing fun, effortless and effective. The non-slip grip and soft bristles turn brushing into an enjoyable activity, all the while ensuring your child receives competent oral hygiene. The specially formulated head reaches the farthest corners of the mouth to sweep off hidden particles. With regular use of the brush, you keep strengthening the child’s oral defences. Use twice daily for best results.

-Strong grip
-Soft bristles
-Reaches farthest corners of the mouth

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